Devi Realms Auspicious 8 Ball

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It is said that the dollar symbol is a broken and distorted form of true wealth. And the science is obvious within the visual $. It’s a broken 8. A broken infinity, thus, it easily creates a reality where TRUE DIVINE WEALTH cannot COMPLETELY flow and thrive. The 8 or infinity visual ♾ works to do EXACTLY that. This symbol vibrates HIGH and is a visual demonstration of ENDLESS FLOW. CYCLICAL, REPEATING, UNENDING 💥DIVINE💥 ABUNDANCE 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

It is crafted with pyrite and a magnetic component in the center or your can upgrade to the GOLD version which includes 24K gold flakes! If ordering a set, PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH COLOR 😊

Keep in sacred spaces or in your possession to encourage a flow of divinely auspicious energies.

(curio only)


Items typically ship within 7-10 business days.

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Color Options

Black Ball/Red center GOLD, Black Ball/Green center GOLD, Black Ball/Blue center GOLD, Black Ball/White center GOLD, Black Ball/Purple center GOLD, Black Ball/Red center, Black Ball/Green center, Black Ball/Blue center, Black Ball/White center, Black Ball/Purple center, Set of 2- Standard, Set of 2-GOLD

1 review for Devi Realms Auspicious 8 Ball

  1. Shannon

    Bought this tool to help manifest the company I’m currently (energetically) building. I anoint it with Devi,s HJTC oil, armed with my intention and Reiki, to ensure JLP comes together as Spirit has designed. Thank you Goddess for the energy you put in your craft. We are grateful for you.

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