High John the CONQUEROR Oil with Oudh

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High John the CONQUEROR is a powerful aid in regards to developing a strong sense of self, potent libido, massive flows of creative energy, clever strokes of genius, protection, and gaining the best outcomes in legal matters. Also great for  seeking luck, Wealth, gambling, download sessions, and gaining an advantage in any situation.

FULLY indulge your senses in the new upgraded HJTC oil offerings by selecting your choice of DIVINE MASCULINE (DM) or DIVINE FEMININE (DF). The intense energies of this oil have been coupled with intoxicating aroma of Oudh that can captivate the wearer and all whom they encounter.


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HJTC Oil DM Roller, HJTC Oil DF Roller, HJTC Oil DM .5 oz, HJTC Oil DF .5 oz, HJTC Oil DM 1 oz, HJTC Oil DF 1 oz

13 reviews for High John the CONQUEROR Oil with Oudh

  1. Shara

    The oil is potent and smells absolutely amazing!! I use it daily as a fragrance and for attracting money and business ideas as well as protection. I bought the 1 oz. dropper bottle less than a month ago and I’m almost out. I will definitely be ordering again.

  2. SHAWN BELTON (verified owner)

    Its not my first time using high john oil but this oil is unique. Im mad I only bought one bottle cause this stuff you should have around always wherever you are. The scent is very powerful and masculine. This became an awesome addition to oils i wear but for a different reason. I feel protected wearing it. I feel vulnerable yet confident as well. I definitely intend to purchase more bottles

  3. Ariel (verified owner)

    I purchased the feminine HJTC roll on oil. A little goes a looong way. The smell is sooo lovely. There’s such a strong protective energy about it. I’ve noticed that when wearing it the troublesome coworkers straight up avoid me or stand far away to even address me 😂 I love it. Abundance has been high with HJTC and I’m grateful for Devi making this. It’s life changing!

  4. Natasha Bucknor

    I Always Receive My Orders Quickly. The Packaging is Beautiful! But Honey Honey, This Oil Is Very Powerful! It Will Have Your Target Bending Over at Your Will. I Order One Bottle But Quickly Ordered Another Bottle. Peace and Blissfulness Always.

  5. Zakeya Pettiford

    When you smell the oil you instantly feel a sense of protect and a feeling of power. I receive a bottle as a birthday gift. Was sitting on the couch while my uncle was ranting and raving about who knows what. I thought oh no he’s tripping; let me put on some high John! 2 minutes later he was in the kitchen quiet as a mouse! You would have never known he was still in the house! The next day I order 3 more bottles! And that’s just one example. I feel a sense of control and power when I am wearing it! And it’s honestly the best smelling oil I have worn. I reapply several times a day and noticed every time I reapplied the power of the high John was stronger!

  6. Matthew P.

    Absolutely love it, it’s ability to immediately facilitate open communication with energies and entities within and around one is like none other. The fragrance is soothing, grounding and alluring; for me it brings both comfort and a sense of protective guidance. Get you some!

  7. Talib Soul

    When I got my high John the conqueror and when I open the bottle my wife almost fell out she was all over me that day I couldn’t shaker for some reason lol so my intentions that I set before I put the oil on came instantaneously great product you will not be disappointed

  8. Sabriya Morris

    This oil is intoxicating! I use it daily to set a vibration of come to me! So excited to try the High John body butter next!!!

  9. Shannon (verified owner)

    I use the oil in energy work and for conquering limited beliefs I have about myself. When I’ve applied it to my temples before bed, I find myself getting loads of information while I sleep. Hadn’t thought to use it to increase libido until I saw one of Devi’s videos about it. That would explain the shift I’m gladly participating in within my marriage. My Wife’s happy, and so am I. 😉 Thank you Goddess for the energy you put into this creation. We are grateful.

  10. Robyn A

    When I tell you not only does this smell amaze balls. It gives whatever you have in mind or want to do an extra boost. The energy that comes from the bottle itself is one of protection, clarity, abundance…I could go on but I said all of that to say that it works. Whatever intention you set before just know it’s going to happen.

  11. Ramelle Walker (verified owner)

    This High John Oil blend is an absolute game changer! I’ve been working with my ancestors and it makes me feel closer to my dad than I ever have on the physical plane. Thank you Devi Realms for being so in tune that you assist with channeling loved ones that show up for us in this life and beyond the veil. 🌪🔥🌪🔥🌪🔥💥💖🙏🏽

  12. Shann (verified owner)

    This HJTC Oil has brought new meaning to the words Mind Your Business. When using this oil, move out of the way and let High John do his thing. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Devi!

  13. Sarafina

    JUST BUY IT, NOW!!! The DF oil is sexy, powerful, intoxicating, and invigorating. I think I wanna smell like this everyday for the next 10 years or so. And the Energize blend is potent af and perfect for the masculine energy in your life, or candle work. I’m budgeting it in FOREVER. U got me.

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