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Our High John the Conqueror oil is a powerful aid for developing a strong sense of self, potent libido, massive flows of creative energy, clever strokes of genius, protection, and gaining the best outcomes in legal matters. It is best known for favor, attracting riches and opportunities, seeking luck, Wealth, gambling, psychological downloads, and gaining an advantage in any situation.

This limited time offer includes both ENERGIZE & Divine Feminine 1oz bottles!!!

Indulge your senses in this amazing HJTC Divine Feminine oil enchanted with the potent energy of High John root and an intoxicatingly sweet Asian Oudh perfume oil.

Also our Energize High John is for all things HIGH POWERED.  This oil combats DEPRESSION, fosters MENTAL CLARITY, boosts ENERGY & PHYSICAL POWER, improves mood, and amplifies MAGICKAL & RITUAL workings.  Energize is also infused with potent Oudh oil that unlocks the senses pronounced and stimulating aroma.

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