The Primordial Candle Cuff


The Primordial Candle Cuff is a customized sculpted cuff that serves the purpose of adding the  divine representation of a specific energy to your candle magick.  Due to its primordial association, it is sculpted  with black clay and black embellishments only. It is, however, accented with various color mica pigment to add character and depth to the expression of the energy. These cuffs are designed for use with glass encased prayer candles and are a beautifully divine touch to your altar work.

These customized pieces can be sculpted into your desired deity or any imagery that captures the nature of your energetic intent. You also have the option of incorparating your name, initials and/or date of birth to further personalize the sculpture.

Because this is true genuine divine art, a minmum of 2 weeks is required for planning and executing the piece.


(curio only)


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